Professionally Installed Smart Alarm System - Chuango H4-LTE (WiFi & 4G) ‘Premium 280’


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Intelligent security. Made Simple.

Chuango H4 LTE - Intelligent securityChuango H4 LTE - WiFi

Connect the H4 to your Wi-Fi network for easy control using your smartphone - from home or anywhere in the World.

Chuango H4 LTE - 4G LTE

No Wi-Fi? No problem. Insert a 4G SIM card into the H4 for primary or redundancy (backup) wireless 4G connectivity.

Chuango H4 LTE - Apps

Apps: Download the free H4 app for either Apple or Android smartphones - Share with family or friends on up to 8 devices.

Chuango H4 LTE - Voice Assistants

Voice Assistants: Securely arm or disarm your H4 with convenient voice control using Amazon Alexa or Google Home voice assistants.

Installed Home Package

Everything you need to protect a home, warehouse, office or retail store. Expand now, or in the future - The Large Home Kit includes...

Chuango H4 LTE - Hub

H4 LTE Hub

Chuango H4 LTE - Large Kit Accessories

1 x H4 LTE Security Hub, 5 x Wireless Motion Sensors, 3 x Wireless Door / Window sensors, 1 x Wireless Indoor Siren, 1 x Outdoor Siren and 4 x Keychain Remote Controls.

Intelligent sensors. Not all motion sensors are created equal.

Sudden temperature changes (cool drafts or direct sunlight through a window) or the family pet can cause common PIR motion sensors to generate a “false positive” (false alarm).

Chuango Motion Sensor

The award-winning Chuango Motion Sensor is different.

Dual-core infrared sensors driven by advanced fuzzy-logic algorithms allow for accurate detection of human body movement - whilst effectively eliminating false alarms by using proprietary temperature and anti-draft compensation technology.

Secure System

A secure security system

What good is a security alarm system if it's not secure itself?

The H4 LTE alarm system features secure wireless technology, anti-tamper protection and a backup battery system - you can rest assured your H4 security systems is secure.

Self monitoring

Self monitoring
Save on monitoring fees. The H4 LTE Security System will be ready to notify you at the first sign of trouble.
Receive an SMS, phone call or push notification directly to your mobile, allowing you to take immediate and decisive action.

Control from anywhere

Control from anywhere

Not sure if you armed the alarm? You can SMS, phone or use the free H4 LTE app to check its status and, if necessary, arm it.

Never be left wondering if your home, office or retail store is secure - rest assured, the H4 has you covered.

You are in control.

Forgot to arm the alarm? No problem.

Forgot to arm the alarm? No problem.

You can arm (or disarm) your H4 LTE alarm system using your smartphone - from anywhere in the World.

The App.

With the free H4 app for Apple or Andriod, you get to enjoy complete control, comfort and confirmation of your safe and secure home or office - from anywhere in the World.

H4 LTE App

You – as the administrator – are in total control of your H4 LTE alarm...

Chuango H4 LTE App - Control


Arm or disarm your H4 alarm using your smartphone from anywhere in the World.

Chuango H4 LTE App - Monitor


Be alerted at the first sign of trouble... save on expensive, monthly monitoring fees.

Chuango H4 LTE App - Share


You can share access to your H4 alarm with up to 10 family members, friends or employees.

Chuango H4 LTE App - Schedule


Schedule your H4 alarm to automatically arm or disarm at a particular time on certain days.

Chuango H4 LTE App - Identify


Customise and name your sensors so that you know exactly which sensor has been breeched.

Chuango H4 LTE App - Review


Easily search and review the last 300 detailed, date/time stamped system logs.

Voice control

Ex.clusive "DreamCatcher" integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

“Hey Google, ask DreamCatcher to arm away.”

Chuango H4 LTE - Google Home

“Alexa, ask DreamCatcher to disarm with pincode 5637”

Chuango H4 LTE - Amazon Alexa

Peace of mind.

Receive instant notifications to your smartphone if your H4 alarm is triggered - alerting you to the first sign of an intrusion.

Chuango H4 LTE - Push Notifications

You can also choose to be notified when a family member disarms the H4 alarm - letting you know they have arrived home safely.


Not only will your home be secure when you are away - more importantly, you and your family will be secure when you are home.

H4 LTE - Arm Home

Secure when you are home...

Chuango H4 LTE - Home

H4 LTE - Arm Away

...and when you are away.

Chuango H4 LTE - Away

You can arm your H4 system in “Home Mode” and monitor chosen doors, windows and unoccupied rooms - offering safety and protection whilst you or your family are at home.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not happy with your H4 LTE alarm for any reason, we will refund your purchase in full.

3 Year Replacement Warranty

Includes a 3 year replacement warranty - we will also cover the cost of return postage.

Local Australian Support

Although the H4 alarm is easy to setup and install, rest assured we are always here to help.

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