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Compact size with loads to offer

Dimmer 2 is a compound dimmer switch unit adjusting luminous intensity which, despite its small size combines many practical functions.

  • smart dimmer switchBrightness regulation
  • wifi light switchPower switch
  • dimmer switchEnergy meter
  • led Dimmer switchFade in start function
Dimmer 2


Smaller than you can imagine

Intently designed small Dimmer switch lighting controller can be placed in most standard electrical boxes and switches.

smart dimmer switch
dimmer switch 1

Voice control

During daily activities or while relaxing, you can use voice command to adjust lighting to current needs of household members with the dimmer switch. Even without a smartphone around, just say what you need and keep on doing your task.

"Alexa, turn off All lights"
"Tell FIBARO to set the Main lamp to 15 percent"

Easy installation

Every house can be equipped with smart lighting. The only thing that has to be done is the installation of Dimmer 2 in electrical box or switch. The unit is non invasive to the existing electrical infrastructure so you can install it yourself or with help of the professional FIBARO installer.

Fits most of the light switches

Dimmer 2 can be used as a light dimmer or a switch in 2 and 3-wire installations and it is compatible with both monostable or bistable sources of light.

An intelligent source of light detection

Using unique algorithm, light dimmer recognizes the source of light and calibrates it choosing an adequate value. This way, you know that you use just enough light you need within an optimal energy usage.

Mood created by the light

Spending time at home, depending on the time of the year or a day and your activity, you need a different type of light with appropriate luminous intensity. When reading your favourite book in the evening, care about your eyes and pick more intensive light. That way, the rest of lights in the room can be dimmed to create relaxing mood.

Energy meter

Dimmer 2 enables energy measurement in your house. Energy usage and power load chart analisys lets you to use the light in a more effective way and cut down on energy bills at the same time.

$0.79per month

Keep it always under control

It happens to everyone - you're driving to work or on holidays and you don't remember if you switched off all the lights in the house. Now, you don't have to worry about it. Switch off all the lights remotely using the app or even your watch. Dimmer switch is ready to help.

Tune the lights to your needs

Remember when you had to switch on the lights at night? Configure Dimmer 2 to gently light your way in the middle of the night without startling you anymore. Dimmer switch lets you program scenes that make your life easier by creating the perfect mood when you want it.

Perfect illumination

Every space in your house has its function which can be different for every household member. To enjoy the potential of the kids room, garden or bedroom to the fullest, combine Dimmer 2 with FIBARO Motion Sensor and use the light to create unique mood for sleep, fun or relax.

Pick your own

Dimmer 2 features:

wifi dimmer switch Wireless communication
smart dimmer Advanced scenes combinations
dimmer switch notifications Smart notifications
homekit dimmer switch Compatible with Android and iOS devices
dimmer switch advanced Wide range of operation
Dimmer 2
Product Details


The Fibaro Z-Wave In-Wall Dimmer 2 is designed to operate with or without a neutral wire. It may be used as a switch in systems without a neutral wire.

In case of 2-wire connection (no neutral), the Fibaro Z-Wave In-Wall Dimmer 2 may require a minimum load of 50W depending on specifics of the connected load.

When used with a Fibaro Dimmer Bypass 2 it may operate with any compatible (see below) load from 5W. Before committing to buy Fibaro Dimmer Bypass 2 please check if your load can be properly controlled by Fibaro Dimmer 2 without bypass device.

Do not connect this device to a power supply without a load. Only lighting devices may be connected to this device.

As a dimmer it operates with the following loads:

  • 230V operated conventional incandescent (from 50W to 250W)
  • 230V operated halogen (from 50W to 200W)
  • 12 V operated ELV halogen lamps and dimmable LED lamps (with electronic transformers: Trailing and Leading edge type) (from 50W to 200W)
  • 12V operated MLV halogen lamps (with frromagnetic transformers) (from 50W to 225W)
  • Dimmable CFL tube lamps with electronic ballast only (from 50W to 200W)

As a switch it operates with the following loads:

  • Compact fluorescent lamps with electronic balast
  • LED bulbs (power factor >0.7)
  • Fluorescent tube lamps with electronic balast

Please note: For loads other than resistive do not exceed a 1.5A current.

This product integrates with all Australian certified (921.42 MHz) Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus controllers including:

  • Vera Plus/ Edge
  • Fibaro Home Center 2  / Lite

 Please note: Do not mix the load type (e.g. LED and CFL or different type of transformers) as it will impede the proper operation of the dimmer. Doing so will void the dimmer's warranty.

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