Fibaro Single Smart Module


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Z-Wave Smart Module Fibaro FGS-214

Fibaro smart module to activate and deactivate electrical devices. Thanks to its compact size it can be installed in junction boxes or flush-mounted boxes. The module is controlled by the Z-Wave wireless network or by a switch.

It is a potential-free relay with a timer function it can be used to control any type of load 230V AC - 5V 12V 24V DC such as a boiler a motorized door a garage door a light etc.


  • Control a light / device remotely Installs behind an existing switch bi-stable or mono-stable
  • ON / OFF function Potential-free relay Gate boiler garage door control etc.
  • Integrates the Z-Wave 500 series chip 250 faster communication compared to standard Z-Wave devices Integrated scene activation mechanism via S2
  • Safety communication and notification classes Configuration menu with a diode
  • Supports secure mode Z-Wave Network Security encrypted with AES-128 encoding Integrated
  • Z-Wave network coverage tester OTA software update depends on the controller
  • Larger terminal blocks for easier wiring
  • Rounded shape to meet the highest standards Small discreet and aesthetic
  • Ease of use and installation

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