Hikvision Axiom Wireless Alarm Starter Kit - DS-PWA32-K


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The Hikvision Axiom wireless alarm is a hub based wireless solution which has 32 wireless zones and supports TCP/IP, Wi-Fi. It is capable of managing 32 wireless outputs, 8 wireless key fobs, 2 wireless sirens and supports up to 13 network users, including 1 installer, 1 administrator, and 11 normal users.


The Axiom hub also offers, Hik-Connect and DC-09 IP Contact SIA/ID for monitoring and it's numerous features include voice prompts, push notifications, SMS, email and voice calls.

Hikvision's Axiom hub allows viewing of live video and sends emails of alarm-linked videos via mobile client, there's long distance 2-way communication with AES-128, LED indication of system status and a 4520 mAh lithium battery giving a 12-hour backup power supply.

The HIKS-PWA32-KST starter kit includes:

  • 3G/4G Axiom hub with built in Mifare card reader
  • 1x HIK-PD2-P10P-W pet immune PIR Motion Sensor
  • 1x HIK-PD1-MC-WWS door contact
  • 1x HIK-19K00-Y fob
  • 1x battery and 1x power adapter.


• Supports dual path communication of alarm events and other signals over LAN and / or Wi-Fi
• Supports up to 32 wireless inputs, 32 wireless outputs and 2 sirens
• IVaas (Intruder Verification As A Service) :Support up to 2 channel 7 seconds pre/post alarm recording for Video Verification (Hikvision IP camera/3rd party IP camera support ONVIF)
• Supports viewing event video via mobile client and email
• Supports doorbell function: The detector rings like a doorbell when it is triggered in disarming status
• Voice prompt for configuration and operation
• Configuration via web client, mobile client, or client software
• Pushes alarm notification via messages, phone calls, and email
• SIA-Contact ID protocol compatible
• Long distance two-way wireless communication (800m in open area)


    • Frequency: 433MHz
    • Power: 5VDC Power Adapter
    • Size: 155mm x 155mm x 35mm
    • Weight: 165g

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